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CMP, was established in 2005 and thus offers high level experience gained during the years, that has grown also with the contribution of the consortium affiliates and qualified professionals who have been operating for decades in the engineering field. Our aim is to provide our customers with complete engineering services.

Our Mission

CMP approaches and handles professionally and rcarefully any request made by the clients. The flexibility of the consortium company allows to an easy and quick  adaptation to the different needs of each job.
Moreover CMP tries to anticipate clients needs suggesting innovative solutions as a result of a long experience in the Oil&Gas and Energy fields.

During its long story CMP has always represented a typical Holistic system: it’s more than the algebraic sum of its affiliates, covering themselves one or more discipline, and mangaes to have a multidisciplinary vision of the engineering issues.

CMP has always operated according to ethical principles, pursuing fairness and transparency towards both clients and affiliates.

After the operational renweal in 2016, CMP is nowadays one of the most complete realities of the italian engineering companies field.

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Our Values


Clients requests are approached and handled in a serious and rigorous way.


The company is built on strong relationships based on trust between the affiliates and on respect and fairness towards clients.


CMP fits to the unexpected need and requests of clients and tries to prevent them in order to possibly provide effective solutions.

Code of Ethics

CMP implements the organizational model in line with the 231 Organizational Model

Quality Certificate

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