CMP s.c.r.l. deals with complete or integrated multidisciplinary engineering services for different sectors: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy.
CMP is capable of developing any phase of engineering: from the feasibility study to the actual production.



Among the typical activities, the company includes a wide range of single and multi-disciplinary services for the development of projects:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Basic design / FEED (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Detailed engeneering of plants and infrastructure with advanced technologies
  • Procurement, construction manaement, start-up facilities and training personnel
  • Pre-commissioning e Commissioning
  • Main Contractor of major maintenance stoppages, with planning and management of the same
  • Works turnkey EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)
  • Survey of plants “as built” with laser scanning technology and modeling with advanced technologies
  • Risk Analysis and processing of Security Plans, Plans Inspection and Testing
  • Studies of change and improvement of process technology
  • Drafting and updating of operating manuals
  • Relations with public


The high standard of specialization of the technical staff of CMP and its consortium, can offer services of Field Engineering and consultancy to the customer at the local, national and international:

  • Supervision multidisciplinary works
  • Direction yards, assistance, job accounting
  • Works management in compliance with the current requirements for the technical standards of construction
  • Safety Coordination
  • NDT / Inspection & testing
  • Coordination committed to customer account
  • Specialist advice multidisciplinary
  • Development “investment proposal” and budget planning
  • Services of scheduling and project control
  • Cost control
  • Planning activities with the help of dedicated software (spring / project)
  • Planning and management of maintenance
  • Management and realization technical annexes/contract specifications
  • Creation of Video and Book of general shutdown
  • Supervision of the work predictive of industrial equipment
  • Classification of areas at risk according to international codes
  • Inspections and tests according to the PED and ATEX
  • Check and control documentation projects for stress-analysis
  • Execution Audit on quality, environment and safety (UNI EN ISO 19011:03)
  • Activities of qualification and classification suppliers
  • Services Procurement & Expediting SAP operator / processing RDA ODC and coordination for security, during design and execution

3. EPC

The organization of CMP is also structured to provide integrated services of Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) for construction, “turnkey”, of systems and infrastructure in the various forms of contract demands from Owner.

The area makes of the technical services specially constituted task force project, supported by the services of Procurement company dedicated to meet the management team appointed.

For the construction phase CMP uses sub contractor of the primary level and reliability with which, in the interests of full coordination as a key factor of brillant results in EPC, collaborates in complete synergy to give the customer a real technical service integrated.


CMP through its consortium, in order to offer a service as comprehensive, integrated, thaks to its highly qualified resources, it also boasts a mastery in the implementation of IT services specialist for engineering:

  • Management and configuration data warehouse
  • Services for DBA systems ORACLE and MS-SQL SERVER
  • Developing applications on order
  • Support for the requirements analysis
  • Feasibility studies and definition of architectures Hardware and Software
  • Use of programming languages, such as Visual Basic, C++, Java, HTML
  • Maintenance and management of information systems, applications and ITC infrastructure
  • System Training and coaching application Intergraph
  • Development of customized application software
  • Development of vertical applications for Intergraph products:
    • SmartPlant Foundation
    • SmartPlant 3D
    • SmartMarine 3D
    • SmartPlant P&ID
    • SmartPlant Instrumentation
    • SmartPlant Electrical
  • Customization of Database SmartPlant 3D apllication development using VBA e .NET (Programming SP3D)


CMP includes an international experience in the fields and on shore and off shore in the use of laser scanning technology for the survey in the fields. Through its specialists, the company is able to offer a wide range of services:

  • Relief in the field of the existing systems by means of the laser scanner to obtain the model of the “point clouds” of the parts of the plant concerned
  • Creation of layout with panoramic connected
  • Realization of the 3D CAD model as of that “point cloud”
  • Integration of 3D CAD model and specifications of line to obtain the 3D model
  • Field surveys for the resolution of differences between model and documentation
  • Extraction of costruction drawings of the plant from the CAD model 3Di
  • Extraction of material lists pipes (MTO) from the CAD model 3Di
  • Review and update in the “as-built” documents existing key
  • Importing into the system 3D CAD modeling of point clouds obtained by laser scanning to get the model as-built plant complete
  • Reconstruction of the specifications and technical documentation of plant
  • Preparation of the technical information and documentation for modifications and extensions of plants


Carrying out, in the areas of engineering services, all activity concerning Human Resources: i.e. Staff Leasing, Search & Selection, Outplacement, Training, International Staffing of highly qualified technical employment. Everything in keeping with recent rules that have regarded the Labour Market.