The organization of the Consortium Company CMP scrl expects each of its Companies to work:

  • According to its assets and resources.
  • According to the Customer’s demands.
  • According to the needs and demands of the acquired orders.
  • Always consistently with CMP directives.

In order to ensure proper operations inside or outside the Consortium there is a steady and ongoing exchange of informations between the Companies of the Consortium and the Presidency, with both individual and group meetings, which consists in:

  • Definiton of a common staff policy, if possible, in order to avoid frictions and rivalries between employees of different Companies working on the same order.
  • Study and solve any possible problem regarding the Consortium.
  • Distribution of CMP orders between the Companies of the Consortium.

CMP could also make use, in the event of lacking of internal assets, of external Companies, selected to help with possible workload peaks.

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